Prices and Sales Service

You can look at our new product catalogue by entering our Online Shop. If you want to see prices and place an order you have to register first. If you are a private buyer you can log in right after your registration. If you are a wholesaler you will have to wait for our admission mail to be able to see our wholesale prices.
All goods, so long in stock, will be sent from our warehouse in Switzerland.
Larger quantities or containers can be sent F.O.B. from Mexiko. Please contact us if you are
Interested in importing directly from our factory.
Delivery costs from our Swiss warehouse vary, depending on volume and veight of the goods. Deviations in colour and size can occure. Terms of delivery are not compulsory.
Complaints can be dealt with when reported to us within five days from the purchase of the items concerned. Small or unimportant deviations in manufacture are no reason for complain or refusal of the merchandise. We cannot accept returned goods without prior information from the purchasers. Single broken pieces can only be replaced within Switzerland, not on international orders. The transport is insured by Etniko.
Legal domicile is Chur, Switzerland